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“A kiss and we are together forever.”

Weddings are the best moment of one’s life when two individual identities promise to operate as a single for their future to come. From beautiful gem studded dresses to sweet smell of the lavenders and roses beautifying the wedding location, wedding is much more than just the couple. Yeah, the couple is the star of the show but what makes them great together has much to do with everything that is around them.

A wedding won’t be a wedding until you have crazy dancing uncles, kids gorging on that delicious food, a mom and dad worrying about things going perfectly and a couple who is excited yet nervous about their future together. We at, Stories Forever, capture the exact essence of the wedding through clever cinematography to deliver great wedding films.

For a bride, her wedding is the day she wants to look the prettiest of them all when looking in the mirror. Her dress, jewelry, shoes, and makeup should be on the flick to make her dream come true. We capture the perfect emotions of the bride and her family as she comes down the aisle to her soul mate to make the promise of a lifetime. We use the style of photojournalism to ‘tell a tale’ behind the love and passion held by the bride and groom.

Our photographers have a candid eye to capture the right thing at the right moment. While you are living the moment, the best moment of your life, we are capturing it for you to last forever. We create stories that are so great that is sure to make you say “Touch Wood” for the perfection they depict. With great music complimenting the story, our expert photographers excel in providing great films with destination wedding photography.

Now, what bride doesn’t love some great shots of her beautiful dress and her gorgeous hairdo? Our cinematographers make sure the bride is the highlight of the film with her captivating looks and a glittering smile that is sure to make the groom fall for her all over again. With the light shining on the couple, our videographers capture the best moments including the way the groom admires he would be bride until the end of the days.

We use the best equipment in the industry with a proper understanding of the story behind the union of a girl and a boy to become Mr. & Mrs. after a holy ceremony. A wedding isn’t about documenting every moment. It is about documenting the perfect moment to build in a story that we help line up for you.

We take care of building that story for you while you admire the love of your life sitting beside you, sharing the vows of an eternal tomorrow together. You need not hold a camera and move around all over the venue trying to capture each and everything; we do it for you while making it and perfect one as you enjoy that first dance with your bride. Stories Forever is a perfect choice for the wedding story that is to last a lifetime.

Our Videos

Karan & Vani

Karan Vani's Engagement from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Bharat & Bhavika

Bharat+Bhavika_ShortFilm_ from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Rajvi Viral

RAJVI VIRAL SHORT FILM_V001 from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Manoj & Archana

Manoj & Archana Prewedding from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Ashish & Priyal

Ashish + Priyal from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Raveena & Mathew

R+M_Engegment_V001 from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Rohit & Divya

Rohit+Divya Short-film from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Aamir & Rahat

Aamir & Rahat from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Mhaari Re Mangetar

Mhaari Re Mangetar from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Piyush & Ashwini

Piyush + Ashwini Pre-Wedding from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Rohit & Dipti

Rohit + Deepti Wedding from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Sanket & Krina

Sanket + Krina Save the Date from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Nitin & Deepika

NITIN + DEEPIKA from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Deepak & Shivani

Deepak + Shivani from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Palakh & Pulkit

PALAKH & PULKIT SAVE THE DATE from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Nishita Saurin's Short Film

Nishita Saurin's Short Film from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

Anju & Dhiren

ANJU & DHIREN from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

On Your Side|| Best Wedding Trailer 2018

On Your Side|| Stories Forever || Best Wedding Trailer 2018 from Stories Forever on Vimeo.

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