Indian Wedding Photography


Indian Wedding Photography

  • How Big is your Crew?

    For Only Photography:
    3 Professionals with 1 Asistant
    Maximum can go depending upon the Event and your Requirement.

    For Only Video:
    Minimum could be 3 Professionals 1 Asistant.
    Maximum can go depending upon the Event and your Requirement.

    For Both Photo/Video:
    Minimum 4 Professionals and 2 Asistants
    Maximum can go depending upon the Event and your Requirement. Like Aerial Drone , Underwater Filming, Editor (for a same day Edit)
    The crew works as a team with different cameramen specializing on different lenses and styles including aerial and underwater filming. We don't recommend a reduction in the size of the crew as this is likely to affect the quality of the film. This choreographed, multi-camera setup allows us to position ourselves strategically to capture ceremonies more naturally as they take place, without any hindrance.

  • Who Picks the Music for the Films we make ?

    The Director decides the music Depending on the look and feel of the film and the Couple. but Clients suggestions and advices are always Welcomed.

  • Can you make the Trailer/Teaser or a Short film of the wedding so that we can Display it on the last day of the event?

    Yes we do, Its called a same day edit.

  • Do you take Interview Bytes?

    Yes we do, We take AV Bytes in the event for visually appealing Video based on the Real life Stories. The primary charm of the wedding video is the footage and just so that the events are nicely interlinked, we film interviews with the close family bytes (Bride, Groom, Parents and Siblings / Best-Friends - usually 6 frames) so that there is an underlying story that keeps the viewer connected to the film. As the story unfolds, the viewer gets a sense of how the couple met and decided to spend their lives together.

  • Do you do Aerial and Underwater Photography?

    Yes we do, We have the latest Equipment From underwater Ultra Hd Cameras to Aerial Drones. we have it all.

  • What is the Number of Photographs do we get?

    It depends on the number of hours we shoot. Minimum we give 200 Photos for a three hour event . can increase with the hours up to 1000 photos

  • Do you give us Documentary film of all the events?

    Yes we do, We give you Documentary cum traditional films with a detailed edited and Corrected version.
    We have a different style of editing a documentary film which is not boring at all. We don't give anything unedited.

  • How early should we get in touch ?

    As soon as possible book us with a small amount to lock the dates. which is a refundable amount. To book us Fill the form and send us our team will surely get in touch with you.

  • Can prepare a Coffee table book or Albums of the photographs?

    Yes we do, there are two types of albums Traditional Family albums 12 x 36 30Sheet which costs between 20000-25000/album for Premium quality and Coffee table Book 12 x 24 or 12 x 12 20 Sheets costing between 20000-25000/album. Which includes Designing, Designer imported cover pad, offset binding with non-tearable premium paper album bags with Mini-book(travel Book).

  • Do we get the raw footage? How is it usually delivered?

    Everything that has been shot by us is your property. We don't hold back anything. You get all the RAW videos & photos as well as the final videos & Photos on a 1 or 2 Terabyte Harddrive provided by you. The RAW videos are clips of the videos shot by all our cameras (They may be useful for edits later like first anniversary / 25th anniversary etc.)

  • Are there any other hidden costs other than the ones mentioned to us prior to sign-off?

    The expenses for the travel, food and accommodation for the crew members are borne by the client. In addition, the Hardrives and for final delivery of raw and edited data are paid for by the clients too. Any additional days / hours of shooting (not mentioned in contract) shall be charged extra. There are no other hidden costs.

  • What is the estimated time of delivery of all deliverables? What do you need from us after the wedding for the completion of the project?

    As per the contract we deliver everything within 45 to 90 days after the wedding. This means the simpler deliverables like images are delivered within 10-20 days after the wedding depending on the seasonal work load specially during the peak wedding season when we could run into a backlog of 15-20 days. The highlight film and trailer usually take upto 45-60 days for the delivery. We need two basic documents from the couple for the completion of the Highlight film in time - First is their music selection (various sound tracks you want for various sections / events of the film) and second is the credits title (family names) for the opening and closing sections of the film. A delay in the submission of these documents will exponentially delay the delivery dates of the highlight film. As a thumb-rule, we expect to receive these two documents from the couple within 40-45 days after the wedding.

  • Deliverables ?

    It depends what kind of package we've Finalized

    Videos: (all are edited with proper music)
    » Teasers/ Invites (1-2mins)
    » Short film/Trailer(3-5mins)
    » Highlight Films(10 to 20 or 30mins)
    » Full Documentary Films (60-90mins)
    » Traditional Films (120-180mins)

    Photos: All the Photo Event wise organised. With proper color correction and exposer Correction done

    In a Designer Pendrive Box Designed Especially for the client with their photos. (All Edited Data is delivered in the pendrive as Softcopy).

    We don't Deliver in Cd's or DVD's anymore because they are outdated and hampers the quality of the output.

  • Do you Upload our Photos and videos online ?

    Highlight films are usually uploaded on our Vimeo channel. We do not release / upload the highlight films on our YouTube / Facebook page. Trailers are shorter, truncated versions and more exciting videos and hence we release them worldwide on our YouTube / Facebook page. However, the release depends on a few factors. Firstly, we do not release trailers of couples who dont want them to be shown publicly. We respect your privacy but this clause has to be specified at the time of signing the contract.

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